Sustainable water treatment with tomorrow's innovations.

Water is the most important resource of our time. Careful use of water is invaluable today, because it is the only way to ensure its quality and availability for future generations. That is why we are committed to protecting this resource with active added value.

Our Impact!

Thanks to our new water treatment, we have already been able to generate the following savings with and for our customers for the benefit of the environment. Our savings potential in 2022 alone (and annually):

1.1 million bathtubs of fresh water saved

68 tons
Biocides saved

Your advantages when you work with us.

Sustainable solutions

Our concepts and technologies for water treatment and water purification are complete solutions designed for the long term. This means that you don't have to worry about anything in the future.

No more hazardous substances

We use the power of nature for water treatment. The advantage of this is that all additions of hazardous substances such as toxic poisons or environmentally harmful polymers are completely eliminated.

Lower water consumption

Reduced treatment costs

Fewer operating costs

Reduced CO2 emissions

Sustainability and SDG criteria

With our innovative water treatment, we are breaking completely new ground!
We not only conserve the resource water by avoiding hazardous substances 100%. We help to make the necessary water quantities more efficiently usable.

In doing so, we support the following SDG criteria:

You have the water, we have the right solution.

Water plays an important role in various production processes in many branches of industry. But water is also indispensable in everyday life - clean drinking water is the basis for a healthy life. Our technologies are used in all levels of these two application areas. For sustainable water treatment in industrial sectors and hygienic drinking water safety in the building sector.

The next generation water treatment for industrial recooling plants / cooling towers is sustainable and free of hazardous substances !

Saving chemicals, protecting the environment, improving your own ESG & SDG | CSRD criteria at the same time and generating economic benefits in the process. Quite simply with our technologies of tomorrow.

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With our technologies, we keep drinking water clean and safe without polluting the environment.

Refurbish properties for energy efficiency, provide for legionella or implement positive aspects in your existing portfolio with regard to ESG & SDG criteria. All feasible with our technologies.

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To protect water as a resource and our climate, we need to work together.

Hardly any other raw material is as fundamental as water. Water processing and water treatment therefore take place in almost all sectors of the economy - but far too often environmentally harmful biocides or destructive processes are used that can easily be avoided nowadays. We help you to use innovative technologies and sustainable processes to ensure water quality at your facility for the future.


We believe that innovative technologies are the key to future-oriented action. Innovation means progress.


Anyone who uses water as a raw material also has a duty to protect it. We help you to take your responsibility seriously.


The problems of the present are only solved if the future is also considered. We therefore pay attention to solutions that work in the long term.

Economic efficiency

With us, you create new budgetary freedom. Because we are convinced that environmental protection can be affordable for all companies.

Look at what we've been working on.

Water is the most important resource of our time. Today, the careful use of water is invaluable because it is the only way to ensure its quality and availability for future generations. That is why we are committed to protecting water. We want to promote innovative technologies for sustainable water management and thus pave the way for the responsible use of water.


Inside blue activity

Lars Havighorst is an ambitious founder with vision. Our interview gives you a brief insight into what drives him.

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