We innovate with the sustainable products of the future.

Pure water without hazardous additives is the most important building block for our lives. We carry this vision into the future - with innovative technologies and with passion, with sustainable ideas, and most of all, with you. Become a blue visionary today!

Our claim

To free water systems in industry from biocides in recooling plants / process water systems, to optimise water consumption and to keep drinking water systems free of legionella / reduced in lime and thus to realise energy savings.

Our innovations

A 100% natural synbiotic against biofilm, a modern biofilm sensor for more safety, a pH-neutral disinfectant and an ultrafiltration against legionella in drinking water systems, a seed crystal solution for limescale reduction, as well as an intelligent line regulation system for more hygiene safety and transparency.

your added value

A unique ecological added value - we combine ecological effectiveness for our environment with economic advantages for you.

Our services.

Technology is only the beginning.
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"Going blue" pays off!

As a blue visionary, you are not only investing in sustainability, you are simultaneously creating new budget space.

You save
  • environmentally harmful chemicals
  • costly energy expenses
  • space-consuming footprints
  • high maintenance and operating costs
What you win
  • unpolluted water quality
  • free budget resources
  • tailor-made solutions
  • a green conscience*

*totallyfree on top and priceless ...

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Confidence looking forward to the future

Inside Blue Activity

Lars Havighorst is the ambitious founder with a vision. Our interview gives you a brief insight into what drives him.

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