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Technology is only the beginning.

Benefit from our services especially for industrial use, as well as,applications in the residential sector, hotel industry, etc. through quality specialist companies.

Our services in detail

Technology, plants as well as systems need an inspection from time to time. Expertise should never play a role in this. In addition, our cooperation partners are characterized by farsightedness and a customer-centric approach.

Hazard analysis

Assessment of the current state.
GFA - The risk analysis with customer focus

What is a RIA? RIA is a guideline for the production of a hygienic clean drinking water system. It serves to optimise the costs of maintenance measures (coordinated procedures for the system to maintain target conditions) and to protect the health of the users. Due to the many years of experience and expertise of our partners in the areas of technical consulting, systems engineering, and the preparation of expert reports, the assistance does not end with the handover of the expert report to the client. The team is also available at any time afterwards to provide advice and assistance. This includes that the expert opinion and the resulting measures are discussed in more detail as well as a technical offer review are standard for us.

Willingness to help, professional appearance, and a high level of expertise- are standard for us.

The services at a glance:

  1. Basic evaluation of the drinking water system (system-oriented GFA)
  2. Ensuring the standard level (minimum level)
  3. Compliance with the standard in the event of defects
  4. Further technical consulting (project consulting)
  5. Supporting help also during the processing time
  6. Preparation of a technical maintenance plan for the drinking water system (according to VDI 3810 part 2, VDI 6023 part 3)
  7. Creation of a flushing plan
  8. Identification of sampling points
  9. Immediate action management
    - If necessary, offer filter for shower ban
  10. Comprehensible action plan for efficient and time-saving processing

Disinfection measures in case of legionella infestation

With our partners, you benefit in the event of a legionella exceedance, whether limit value exceedance or even measure value violation, from a rapid assistance to remedy the contamination in the drinking water network immediately for the users. In order not to have to apply the measure as a constantly recurring solution for the drinking water system, our customers benefit from the use of further innovative techniques to ensure long-term hygiene in the drinking water system.

An effective disinfection measure requires a good approach that is, above all, individually adapted to the object. To ensure the effect of the measure for long-term purity of the system, we rely on a pH-neutral disinfectant for temporary cleaning of 8-10 weeks and recommend the installation of an ultrafiltration system specially designed for drinking water systems.

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Expert inspection

Expert inspection according to 42. BImSchV.

You may know the requirements of the 42nd BImSchV (Federal Immission Control Ordinance) which came into force in 2018. But do you also know the §14 and its possibilities in the implementation?

If one looks into the 42nd BImSchV at §14 inspection of the plants here 2 procedures are indicated which must be accomplished every 5 years by the operator.

As a rule, the concept of a publicly appointed and sworn expert is known. Only a few know the second option via an accredited inspection body type A. An accredited inspection body is a body monitored by the Federal Government in the form of the DAkkS, which orients its inspection to the minimum legal requirements. Thus, this pure inspection of the documents (operating log) does not trigger any further follow-up costs for the customer, which are often carried out with inspection measures on the market.

With our accredited inspection partners, body type A, one of only a few accredited inspection bodies, is therefore available to you with a high level of professional competence.

Important information also for operators of adiabatic recooling plants

Unfortunately, we have noticed that especially when using systems with adiabatic pre-cooling, the information is often incorrectly given that these systems do NOT fall under the guidelines of the 42nd BImSchV and are therefore not relevant for testing according to §14.

In VDI 2047-2, the following remark is made in 1.- Scope of application:

It also applies to dry systems with intermittent wet operation and to systems with adiabatic pre-cooling, with the exception of humidification systems that are an integral part of the air handling sections of an air handling system within the scope of VDI 6022.

Therefore, we recommend a precise clarification iif you are uncertain. Our partners will be happy to help you with the assessment.

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