Water treatment for recooling plants - without hazardous substances.

Saving chemicals, protecting the environment, improving your own ESG, SDG and CSRD criteria at the same time and generating economic benefits at the same time is not possible? With our innovative technologies we let you benefit from exactly these advantages and many more.

Fewer operating costs

Complete solution from a single source

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Reduced CO2 emissions

Why should I rely on hazard-free water treatment?

"If you think sustainability is expensive, take a moment to compare the unsustainable ways and their additional costs associated with that decision."

The use of disinfectants is supposed to support operators in hygiene safety. But is treatment with environmentally hazardous substances still the right choice today?

The microbiology inherent in water as a resource leads to undesirable challenges associated with microbiology in many water-based applications, such as:

  • Biofilm formation (slime formation, clogging of pipes)
  • excessive growth of undesirable organisms (algae, pathogens...)
  • Reduction in yield/performance of the plant

The overuse of disinfectants such as biocides was supposed to solve microbilogy challenges by killing them. In recent years, however, it has become apparent that the high use of biocides over many years(several tons annually) has developed microbial resistance, which today has led to superbugs that are extremely difficult to control.

At blue activity, we use nature to prevent and solve these problems at the root. Therefore, we work with nature and use its power instead of against it.

How we manage to make water treatment sustainable.

Your advantage of our new approach is that it eliminates the need for all hazardous additives (such as toxic poisons, environmentally harmful petroleum-based polymers, and phosphates that can convert to glyphosate). In view of the great importance of a good natural microbial balance, especially in industrial water systems, we use special microorganisms in the product BA-Synbiorex HD® to solve the microbial problems related to water in a natural, sustainable and cost-saving way.

In order to further optimize the efficiency in the use of the products, we use new and modern technologies in our in-house BA-Cycle+® online monitoring. In this way, we achieve a significant improvement in wastewater quality, relax wastewater treatment plant processes, promote improved occupational safety, and also minimize CO2 emissions through a sustainable cleaning effect.

With our complete package , we support the current ESG (Environment Social Governance) / CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) requirements in line with the EU regulation(EU Taxonomy / Green Deal) for industry. In the coming years, all processes must be constantly optimised by companies in terms of sustainability and resource conservation in order to achieve the required climate targets.

Our technologies for sustainable water treatment.

BA-Synbiorex HD®

The new generation for natural water purification and permanent prevention of biofilm formation.
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Biopolymers instead of environmentally harmful polymers made from petroleum
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BA-Cycle+® Online Monitoring

State-of-the-art sensor technology for more safety, transparency and cost efficiency in industrial water systems.
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Just give it a try. Sustainable water treatment can also be very simple.

We look forward to your curious questions.

To protect water as a resource and our climate, we need to work together.

Hardly any other raw material is as fundamental as water. Water processing and water treatment therefore take place in almost all sectors of the economy - but far too often environmentally harmful biocides or destructive processes are used that can easily be avoided nowadays. We help you to use innovative technologies and sustainable processes to ensure water quality at your facility for the future.


We believe that innovative technologies are the key to future-oriented action. Innovation means progress.


Anyone who uses water as a raw material also has a duty to protect it. We help you to take your responsibility seriously.


The problems of the present are only solved if the future is also considered. We therefore pay attention to solutions that work in the long term.

Economic efficiency

With us, you create new budgetary freedom. Because we are convinced that environmental protection can be affordable for all companies.