More transparency through sensor technology

Biofilm / scaling sensor technology for more safety and transparency in industrial water systems.

Optimize water treatments & adapt real time changes
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Why sensor technology?

Water treatment measures are complex and should not only be matched to the respective system, but also adapt to changes over the course of the year. But how can you effectively determine the dosing quantity and react quickly to changes?

Values from the redox measurement are often quoted / used here. But is it really possible to make an exact statement about the biofilm?

With the biofilm sensor technology, which is available in various designs, corresponding deposits can be detected, and their changes monitored via real time tracking.

What are the advantages?

Use dosing quantities more efficiently & in line with requirements

Early warning system for osmosis systems | Ultrafiltations

more transparency regarding scaling | fouling

How is it measured?

The measuring principle is based on the evaluation of changes in heat transfer. The advantage of this sensor technology is to enable representative measurement results without interference. By integrating the controller, a data readout via LTE or via the in-house BMS, is possible.

With sensor technology you get other very important parameters for microbiology as well as scaling. Water treatment measures can thus be tracked very precisely and dosing quantities can be used in an optimized manner. When using ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis systems, you benefit from a highly effective early warning system when using the sensors.

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