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Our sanitation concept, which has been specially compiled for the industry, consists of 3 building blocks.
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Our concept - HaaS

The first component of our hygiene concept HaaS (Hygiene as a Service) is a synbiotic - biological cleaner - which is available for use in process waters and recooling plants in order to avoid expensive biocides and biodispersifiers. The innovative is that the synbiotic is based on 100% natural active ingredients without genetic modification.

The advantage of the synbiotic (Synbiorex®) is that the bacterial strains used are not biofilm-formers themselves, which permanently prevents the recolonisation of pathogenic germs. Environmental pollution due to cost-intensive water treatment is eliminated and also helps to significantly reduce the water requirement for these systems.

Improved thermal conductivity values, optimised energy costs and water consumption are the most common added values that can be achieved by conversion.

Biofilm deposits inside the pipe network are often associated with limited values or measurements being exceeded. Despite many measurements, not only unwanted biofilm is deposited here during the course of the year due to external inputs, but it also frequently builds up unnoticed due to water treatment with biocides. In order to be able to counteract a "blind" protective surge dosing with a correspondingly increased addition of active agents, constant knowledge of the biofilm changes in the pipeline network is necessary.

What are the advantages?

Reduce microbiological deposits & prevent new formation

Efficient use of energy saving potentials

Increase in hygiene safety

Raise cost saving potentials

Use dosing quantities more efficiently & in line with requirements

Improves the ecological balance of your company

more transparency regarding scaling | fouling

Improve thermal conductivity | Optimize system performance

Reduce fresh water & water consumption by improving water quality

Our concept - HaaS (Step 2)

The second building block of the Concept HaaS (Hygiene as a Service) is a modern biofilm | Scaling sensors to fix the "blind spot" by live tracking the microbial parameters.

In the future, with the help of modern sensor technology, you will benefit from advantages such as a significant improvement in the tracking | monitoring of your water treatment and can adjust your dosing quantities seasonally much more efficiently with the help of additional information from the sensor technology. In addition, you get a very valuable new parameter for your operating diary with regard to the 5-year §14 inspection according to the 42nd BImSchV.

The third component is a limescale protection, which minimizes the tendency of deposits in the system due to a structural change of calcium and carbon.

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