Drinking water

Intelligent circulation control system

Your intelligent drinking water system control.

Increase comfort and hygiene safety
Suitable For
Hotel industry
Hospitals & care facilities
Student residences
Comfort & Safety

The distribution of drinking water in the building is subject to certain natural laws according to the planning. By harmonizing the heat and pressure distribution in the overall system, end-users benefit not only from a significant improvement in comfort but also from increased drinking water hygiene according to the a.a.R.d.T.

All relevant system data can be retrieved, evaluated and set securely via remote access at any time. Fault messages are made in real time through push notifications.

With the use of intelligent line regulating valves, upcoming or necessary renovation measures can be approached and implemented much more efficiently, which reduces additional costs.

What are the advantages?

Efficient use of energy saving potentials

Increase in hygiene safety

Protection against biofilm formation and thus legionella infestation

24/7 monitoring of temperature, hydraulics & flows

Optimize renovation measures

Taking advantage of funding

Energy & Cost Reduction

Automatic rinsing processes can be triggered to revitalise the TWA and as a supporting measure in case disinfection measures are required (often in existing buildings).

Advantage: By using it, you get a central monitoring and control system for more operator safety. Installation or retrofitting as well as commissioning can be implemented by any sanitary company without special training or additional qualifications. Monthly monitoring is of course available. The use and automated maintenance of the thermal-hydraulic balancing improves the efficiency of the circulation, whereby circulation losses can be reduced to realise further energy savings.

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