Drinking water

Reduce limescale deposits

Aragonite structure - your solution against lime.

The safe answer against limescale - Maintenance-free up to 10 years
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Hotel industry
Hospitals & care facilities
Student residences
Innovation without power / operating materials

There are numerous possibilities to minimize the unwanted lime cargo in drinking water plants. However, one thing should be clearly communicated from the outset. A complete elimination of lime from drinking water is not possible and also not advisable.

On the one hand, the new technology offers the advantage that it increases the hygiene safety in the TWA due to its completely closed design. Furthermore, the risk of incrustation is significantly reduced, since the lime platelets in the water are located after treatment in a saturated aragonite crystal structure, which no longer strives to enter into a connection with surfaces. Residues can thus be wiped off without any effort.

What are the advantages?

hygienically safe limescale reduction without salt

Increase in hygiene safety

No operating costs (salt | electricity)

Goodbye to maintenance and servicing costs

Compared to many plants on the market, the new technology will no longer consume electricity or equipment in the future. Annoying refilling of salt tablets or granules as well as plant maintenance are completely eliminated.

And that for at least the next 10 years.

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