100% natural biocide substitute

Synbiotic for water purification and permanent prevention of biofilm formation.

Reduce water and energy costs in a natural way
Suitable For
Eco-friendly system cleaning

The best of nature and science is 100% organic and 100% free of genetic modification, verified by the ATCC and EFSA.

A symbiotic is a highly complex combination of probiotics – good bacteria species – and the corresponding prebiotic – short-chain sugars, which are mainly metabolized by probiotics as nutrients.

Their advantage in the use of synbiotics is that a natural very positive strengthening of the existing microflora takes place, from which humans and the environment benefit equally. Synbiorex® develops a biological shield against biofilm as well as biofilm formation. The reason for this mode of action is that the synbiotic itself is not a biofilm-former like .B. Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The alternative water treatment with Synbiorex® allows the full system performance (according to the manufacturer) to be retrieved, as heat transitions can be optimized by significantly clean surfaces.

Maintenance expenses are significantly minimized with Synbiorex® or can be postponed, as the water quality can be kept continuously at a very high level. Fluctuating thickening can be raised stable to 3-4 times thickening by improving water quality, resulting in further benefits.

Authorities are also reacting very positively to the new form of water treatment with 100% natural active ingredients, as operators discharge significantly fewer biocides. Wastewater parameters such as .B AOX or COD are improved with Synbiorex® (Annex 31 AbwV.). Synbiorex® itself is classified as non-water-hazardous (nwg) according to AwSV.

What are the advantages?

Improve thermal conductivity | Optimize system performance

Reduce fresh water & water consumption by improving water quality

Reduce microbiological deposits & prevent new formation

Improves the ecological balance of your company

100% natural cleaning

Innovative technology

Which requirements are necessary?

The use of Synbiorex® is possible between a pH of 5.5 to max. 9 and a temperature spectrum from 5°C to max. 60°C. Inhibitors as well as hardness stabilizers, unless they are antibacterial, can be used in parallel and will not affect their functioning.

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