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Goodbye legionella - pH-neutral disinfectant for water treatment incl. biofilm reduction.

Remove legionella / biofilm in an intelligent & gentle way
Suitable For
Hotel industry
Hospitals & care facilities
Student residences
What to do in case of legionella infestation?

Legionella limit value or even the action value exceeded? Good and sustainable advice is often very expensive. There are many methods on the market, ranging from thermal treatment to water-air or water-gas impulse methods to very costly line renovation. But with many methods, especially in existing buildings, the system is severely affected by the treatment method. This does not have to be the case.

To prevent germination, an effective and sustainable treatment of the biofilm is sufficient. With the help of the flushing processes of the line regulating valves, the deposits can be removed from the system in a timely manner.

What are the advantages?

Increase in hygiene safety

Protection against biofilm formation and thus legionella infestation

Reduce microbiological deposits & prevent new formation

Free of hazardous substances | Drinking water compliant | pH neutral

What do I benefit from?

ViZero® is a disinfection process free of hazardous substances with a proven effectiveness test regarding a measurable reduction of biofilm growth up to complete degradation after only 4-6 weeks of treatment. In this way, the use of ViZero® ensures hygienic operation of the drinking water system in which germs such as those caused by legionella can also be ruled out and provides long-term protection for operators and users alike. ViZero® is pH-neutral, has no cytotoxicity and is naturally free of harmful substances. It complies with drinking water regulations, is resource-saving and can be used during operation.

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