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Lars Havighorst is an ambitious founder with vision. Our interview gives you a brief insight into what drives him.

Our blue vision - FUTURES.

Lars Havighorst is the ambitious founder with smart vision and a flair for revolutionary environmental technologies. His passion? FUTURE, a term coined by BlueActivity that best describes what drives the visionary: Thinking about tomorrow today, with sustainable inventions that preserve and restore what is most precious to our lives - water.

Our short interview gives you a brief insight into what drives him.

How do you become a blue visionary?

After decades of consulting in the financial sector, with individual financial plans and concepts, I have turned my great interest regarding our most important resource - water - into a passion. Sustainability in particular has also become an increasingly important area of interest and investment for funds. Therefore, I would now like to actively work with the resource water with sustainable innovations and constantly improve the quality as well as the handling of water.

How did the "vision spark" finally take hold?

In many cases I could not find any "really sustainable" solutions on the market. In many cases it was either because the technology was too expensive or not 100% sustainable. Therefore, I started looking for ECOLOGICAL technologies and found what I was looking for with our partners. BlueActivity was "born." That was in April 2019.

What sets you apart from other providers?

With our focus on the "blue visionary" in conjunction with ecological technologies, we have set out, together with our customers and partners, to banish chemicals from the resource of water once and for all, or to avoid using them in the first place. Because, as in many other areas of life, prophylaxis is always the better, more cost-effective and resource-saving way than later damage settlement or therapy. For this reason, tailor-made solutions and individual concept consultation are a matter of course for us.

What will your vision look like in 10 or 20 years?

Clearly - we have set out to keep the resource water at a good quality level for everyone in the long term and to ensure that the amount usable for us is not further reduced by inputs such as chemicals, microplastics, and similar substances. What's more, Blueactivity is pursuing the ambitious goal of bringing about a significant increase in this usable quantity of water for us over the next 10 years with its innovative products for recooling plants and drinking water systems. Above all, however, we would like to inspire a rethink in many entrenched processes in the industrial sector, the hotel industry, hospitals, nursing homes as well as the housing industry. We want water to be available germ-free, without having to add additives to the resource water. In addition, we have the vision to leave no environmental footprint with these measures, also in the topics of energy saving & CO2 reductions.

And in 20 years?

Until then, we wish expand our mission & vision to further protect the resource of water for our children's children. We want to make many new developments possible so that everyone can draw the best drinking water directly from the tap without hesitation. Perhaps by then at the latest, microplastics and medical residues in our waters will finally be a thing of the past.

Success always consists of 2 words at the beginning and for the successful achievement of any goal: DO IT! Therefore, we hope to reach many with our idea and to move to a timely DOING or acting. Simply to animate to the FUTURE .

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