BA-Cycle+® Online Monitoring

State-of-the-art sensor technology for more safety, transparency and cost efficiency in industrial water systems.

Optimize water treatments & adapt real time changes
Why sensor technology?

Water treatment measures are complex and should not only be adapted to the respective system, but also adapt individually to changes during the course of the year. But how can you effectively determine the necessary dosing quantities and react quickly to changes?

Values from the redox measurement are often quoted / used here. But is it really possible to make an exact statement about the biofilm?

Thanks to state-of-the-art biofilm/scaling sensor technology, corresponding deposition tendencies can be detected at an early stage and appropriate adjustments can be made promptly.

In addition, we offer further helpful monitoring options via our BA-Cycle+® such as flow, product content, corrosion as well as level measurements and all this available ONLINE at any time.

What advantages does it bring you?

Use dosing quantities more efficiently & in line with requirements

Early warning system for biofilm | scaling

Increased system transparency

Just give it a try. Sustainable water treatment can also be very simple.

We look forward to your curious questions.
What is your added value?

By means of sensor technology, we enable you to keep an eye on your water treatment measures more efficiently in the future. Furthermore, you can design your necessary dosing quantities in a much more optimised way and thus save costs and operating resources.

Due to the parallel reading of several important parameters via our BA-Cycle+® you benefit from "Predictive Maintenance" advantages, with which maintenance and servicing work can be approached in a more optimized way.

In addition, we can actively support you 24/7 via RM&D (Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics), quickly identify irregularities and assist you in remedying / optimising them.

Added bonus:

Our trend value recording also makes it easier for you to communicate with the authorities and supports you in proving compliance with the requirements of the 42nd BImSchV.

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