BA-Synbiorex HD®

The new generation for natural water purification and permanent prevention of biofilm formation.

Reduce water and energy costs in a natural way
Environmentally friendly system cleaning with BA-Synbiorex HD®.

The best of nature and science is 100% organic and 100% free of genetic modification, proven by the ATCC and the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). Because it is not about continuing to fight against nature, but much more about working together with it and using its positive powers in the right way.

Your advantage when using BA-Synbiorex HD® is that a natural strengthening of the existing microflora takes place, from which both humans and the environment benefit. BA-Synbiorex HD® has a high cleaning effect on biofilms and also prevents the formation of new biofilms. Heat transfer is improved by the significantly cleaner surfaces, which minimizes CO2 emissions.

Maintenance measures are minimised or can be postponed, since no halogens are introduced due to the sustainable water treatment. This also improves wastewater parameters such as AOX / COD.

BA-Synbiorex HD® itself is classified as non-water hazardous (nwg) according to AwSV and positively supports your processes regarding the SDG / ESG / CSRD criteria. Because the existing water resources are of utmost importance for humans as well as other living creatures and will not tolerate any further overexploitation / contamination.

Added bonus:

Authorities react very positively to our sustainable water treatment and endorse it!

What advantages does it bring you?

Improve thermal conductivity | Optimize system performance

Optimise water consumption | Reduce costs

Strengthening a positive CO2 handprint

100% natural active ingredients

Innovative sustainable technology

Just give it a try. Sustainable water treatment can also be very simple.

We look forward to your curious questions.
Additives without ter- and co-polymers = BA-CorProtect®.

We have also thought of the necessary additives for sustainable water treatment. Thus, we complete our water treatment with biopolymers for corrosion protection and hardness stabilisation, which are also strongly phosphate-reduced or phosphate-free.

As a further plus, iron sulfates can also be dissolved in the system. The range of application of our BA-CorProtect® series can also be used in a wide LSI range.

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