Drinking water


Effectively and sustainably remove microbiology in drinking water and reduce energy costs in the process.

Banish legionella - save energy - increase safety
Combining sustainability, hygiene safety and energy reduction

That is the main task we have set ourselves. But why?

Even our tested drinking water quality still contains minute amounts of microbiological substances (germs/bacteria) in a concentration that is still harmless. However, errors in use and technical system deficiencies (e.g. stagnation pipes, faulty temperatures, etc.) can very easily lead to hygienically questionable situations that result in legionella contamination in the TWA.

To increase the hygiene safety of the entire TWA many times over, we use an ultrafiltration technology specially developed for drinking water systems. In addition to hygiene safety, energy savings of up to 30% and more can be realised by gradually lowering the temperature level. With the help of an optimised and at the same time safe temperature level, the entire TWA is protected, the service life is significantly increased and maintenance costs are minimised.

The patented technology inside the plant ensures a high level of plant safety as well as hygiene safety with scientific proof. We recommend carrying out the measure in close coordination with the responsible health authorities.

What advantages does it bring you?

Increase in hygiene safety

Protection against biofilm formation and thus legionella infestation

Innovative sustainable technology

Using renewable energies safely and optimally

Alcohol-free | fully virucidal

Just give it a try. Sustainable water treatment can also be very simple.

We look forward to your curious questions.
Sustainability bonus - ESG

When using the new technology, which represents a central monitoring option for ensuring sustainable hygiene for the entire TWA with regard to all hygiene-relevant parameters and components, you benefit from microbiologically pure water. This leads to a positive support in the reduction of CO2 emissions, which are mainly caused by the hot water production. Thus, enormous cost advantages can be achieved, especially with regard to EU taxonomy .

Furthermore, the use of ultrafiltration ensures effective management of your drinking water hygiene to avoid financial and liability risks.

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