Sustainable drinking water hygiene

Do you want to renovate your property to make it more energy-efficient, do you suffer from legionella or do you want to implement positive aspects in your portfolio with regard to the ESG and SDG criteria? Then now is the time to break new ground with us on the topic of drinking water supply!

Higher hygiene safety

Lower operating costs

Sustainable complete solution

Optimised energy costs

Improve drinking water hygiene and optimise energy costs at the same time.

The entire housing industry, which is responsible for around 30% of CO2 emissions, is currently facing a major challenge: How are the CO2 emission targets for climate protection to be achieved? In addition, there is the additional plan of the policy that from 2025 approx. 65% of the newly installed heating systems are to be operated from renewable energies.

In many real estate portfolios there are existing properties from the years 1950-1975, which are in the focus of current efforts of operators as well as investors with regard to energetic renovation measures. In addition, these multi-storey existing buildings are a burden on budgets due to their frequent legionella problems. In addition, the efficiency of about 60% of these systems is below 50%, resulting in high energy losses and costs.

For this reason, we rely on combined solutions consisting of ultrafiltration specially designed for drinking water systems, the use of suitable line regulating valve technology to ensure thermal-hydraulic balancing in the entire building, combined with an optionally applicable temporary cleaning process with regard to the microbiology contained in the existing network.

Our innovative cleaning process, which can be applied during operation, is based on the first stabilized HOCl (human identical active ingredient) with an active ingredient concentration of ø 2,500ppm and is therefore suitable for the first time, due to its shelf life of approx. 18 months, for successful ExSitu use.

Our technologies for sustainable drinking water treatment.


Goodbye legionella - by means of a modern disinfectant free of hazardous substances for water treatment including biofilm reduction.
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Effectively and sustainably remove microbiology in drinking water and reduce energy costs in the process.
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Just give it a try. Sustainable water treatment can also be very simple.

We look forward to your curious questions.

To protect water as a resource and our climate, we need to work together.

Hardly any other raw material is as fundamental as water. Water processing and water treatment therefore take place in almost all sectors of the economy - but far too often environmentally harmful biocides or destructive processes are used that can easily be avoided nowadays. We help you to use innovative technologies and sustainable processes to ensure water quality at your facility for the future.


We believe that innovative technologies are the key to future-oriented action. Innovation means progress.


Anyone who uses water as a raw material also has a duty to protect it. We help you to take your responsibility seriously.


The problems of the present are only solved if the future is also considered. We therefore pay attention to solutions that work in the long term.

Economic efficiency

With us, you create new budgetary freedom. Because we are convinced that environmental protection can be affordable for all companies.