The BlueActivity DNA

Learn more about what makes us special and different from others. We will tell you this much: It will be exciting for you!

Our offer - tailor-made solutions that pay off.

With BlueActivity you make a double profit: not only do you protect our environment with sustainable technological solutions. It also pays off economically for you. Because our tailor-made ideas for the future adapt precisely to your needs and move you forward - and to the top of your competition. This requires brains - for technologies that are rich in opportunity and low in risk, and that have the potential to change our future.

In other words, blue visionaries are needed to reduce energy and resource costs, to protect water cycles naturally and safely from contamination, to improve occupational health and safety and even to provide CO2 reductions for climate protection. Quite a lot, but still not enough for us.

Our innovative spirit - with mile boots into the future.

BlueActivity is not only thinking about tomorrow, but already about the day after tomorrow. Because we have our grandchildren's future in mind and for that we need more than "just" a novelty, we need real innovations that cost only minimal energy and deliver maximum quality.

We want to create a balance between production and growth and we can only achieve this with people who, like us, have a passion for change. We achieve this with you - the visionaries, innovators and FUTURE learners who help to implement our ideas and make them "grow". Simplifying work processes and improving working conditions so that people and nature can only do one thing: profit from it.  

Our environmental claim - responsibility from A to Z.

Environmental protection plays an important role for us, from A for working conditions to Z for responsibility for the future. It is our motivator, our idea generator and always our aspiration in everything we do. Above all, we believe that environmental protection must be affordable, not only for large companies, but also for small ones.

That is precisely why we are at your side as a partner who can advise you on environmentally friendly product solutions. We will show you what options you have for operating water systems in industry, as well as in residential buildings, hotels, student dormitories, etc. in a sustainable and safe manner for the benefit of all, while making the climate protection targets for 2030 achievable with energy optimisations. We are sure: A "green conscience" goes hand in hand with satisfied and healthy techniques for employees, customers, guests & tenants. That's a bright outlook, isn't it?